CO-Improve, your partner for transformation or change initiatives with a focus on product development, simply "irreversibly good ".

In a business world that is changing ever faster and in some cases disruptively, companies must constantly reinvent themselves in order to remain successful in the long term. The ability to successfully manage such a transformation can be critical to future business success. What you need are consultants who can manage, who you trust and who can successfully move things forward.

Transformations go deeper than one-off change initiatives. They usually involve a new business model, new strategies and often also a different management and corporate culture, which require fundamentally different business processes, organisational structures and IT systems. Accordingly, the transformation expertise of a consultant must also be greater. That is why our consultants are experienced, future-orientated personalities who will successfully support you with change management, comprehensive specialist and industry knowledge and efficient transformation management.

As many transformations begin with the development of a new business field strategy and new products, they are in particularly good hands with us. This is because we specialise in product development: From product strategy to the start of production.

But even if it is "only" about individual change initiatives in product development, we are the right partner. We advise you on the definition of new product and technology strategies, work with you to introduce efficient project portfolio management, optimise processes or further develop your organisational structure.

That is why the expertise of the consultants at CO Improve encompasses interlinked skills:

Latest News

12 Apr

SAFe Summit Berlin 2024

Premiere for the new Agile Implementation Flow Network at the SAFe Summit in Berlin - the annual conference for the SAFe community, organised by Scaled Agile Inc.


26 Jan

Project portfolio management at leading provider of automated supply chain solutions

We support a well-known manufacturer in the material handling industry in the development of a target image for project portfolio management.

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