Overview performance improvement R&D

Volatile market and customer demands, rapid changes, increasingly complex products and ever shorter product life cycles place significant demands on research and development. This makes it all the more important to have an R&D management system that is based on clear principles and which provides strategic orientation. It must also offer flexible, efficient processes and be supported by an organisation that allows you to adapt quickly to changing conditions. For this, you need a holistic and interdisciplinary approach.

Three levers for sustainable change

Companies that manufacture technical products depend on efficient and flexible product development processes. That is easy to say. In fact, professional decision-makers in research and development operate in a complicated field of tension in which they have to find the optimal balance between product functionality and quality, development costs and time-to-market. A complex task that is made all the more difficult by rapid technological developments, high cost pressure and intense competition.

To meet this challenge, industrial companies need an interdisciplinary, holistic R&D management system. This must promote interdisciplinary cooperation and enable sustainable change towards a process-oriented, more efficient organisation. You need to define a strategy that fits your company’s maturity level and goals. You need processes that enable efficient work. And you need to design an organisational structure that supports strategy and processes in the best possible way and can react quickly to changes.

The three areas of competence – strategy, processes and organisation – can never be considered separately. You will only achieve sustainable improvements if you accompany all your measures with a clean change management approach and take into account the systematic interrelationships of the three fields of competence:

With us, you make research and development more powerful

Our consultants have been experiencing change in traditional industries for three decades. Their experience has flowed into a proprietary maturity model that is part of the foundation of our consulting approach. It serves as a tool for a systematic stocktaking approach in which we assess the current maturity level of your product development and identify development scenarios.

In customer projects, we use two formats that identify potential for improvement and derive suitable optimisation measures:

  • In the Smart Development Quick Check, you work with us over two to three days on a holistic assessment of the performance of your product development. In this workshop format, our consultants get to know your company situation, your practices and your need for action. This allows us to identify and prioritise sources of potential for improvement and to develop suitable approaches.

  • The Smart Development Assessments includes a more in-depth analysis and a sustainable improvement plan for a total of 53 areas in the three competence fields: Strategy, processes and organisation. You can see exactly at which of five maturity levels your product development is at and how you need to improve to reach the next maturity level. This tool is ideal for medium- to long-term planning and success monitoring when concerning broad-based improvement programmes.

In consulting projects, we rely, on the one hand, on our technical and industry expertise. We know the potential for efficiency in product creation from our own experience as former managers and consultants. On the other hand – and this is demonstrated anew in every project – improvements in product creation are only possible with professional change management. For this purpose, we seek guidance in all improvement projects from our “change pipeline”.

The benefit to you

  • You receive a status report and identify with us the path for your logical development going forward.
  • You create an organisational structure that anticipates changes in good time, while aligning and supporting strategies and processes in the best possible way.
  • You develop a strategy that fits the maturity level of your company and maps out its further development.
  • You define lean, efficient, strategy-compliant processes.
  • You put yourself in a position to quickly adapt strategy, processes and organisation.
  • We support you in all areas of competence, irrespective of whether you prefer (or combine) classic or agile working methods.
  • Our professional change management approach renders all measures irreversibly good.