About us

We see ourselves as a "boutique advisory" for all topics of product development / product creation. We combine subject matter competence, consulting competence and industry experience with professional change management. This way, we implement improvements in the best way possible and enhance the performance of your product creation.

CO Improve – the boutique advisory for all management topics of product creation.

Our mission: to combine consulting competence and industry experience with professional change management to implement improvement solutions in the best possible way and make your product creation more powerful – just irreversibly good.

As an exclusive "boutique consultancy" and specialist for all management-relevant topics surrounding product creation, we have positioned ourselves with a holistic advisory approach between big consultancy groups and specialists for individual topics of product creation.

CO Improve works primarily for medium-sized companies – but also for business units of larger corporations. We have consistently aligned ourselves with the requirements of typical medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

  • Focusing on the individual
  • Treating each other appreciatively on an equal footing
  • Speaking the language of the employees
  • Working out individual solutions
  • Providing specific expertise
  • Thinking German, but acting globally
  • Mastering the rules of our your industry while contributing best practices from other industries
  • Supporting organizational implementation
Good advisory results can only emerge together with the employees.

CO Improve is an independent advisory firm. The Managing Partner Dirk Meissner founded the company on January 1, 2012. He brought his many years of consulting experience with him. Before, Meissner had worked successfully in three consulting firms for more than 16 years overall – in the end as a partner: "I just wanted to deliver significantly better consulting results. I realized that we needed a new approach and internal culture. We had to combine consulting competence and industry experience with successful change management in the right way – and that was going to work best with a fresh start."

From the beginning, CO Improve has been building a corporate culture that places utmost priority on trust and mutual esteem. All our employees live our culture, and that makes our consulting approach tangible.

CO Improve – the management advisory and specialist for product creation

  • CO Improve is an independent specialist advisory founded in 2012 by Dirk Meissner.
  • CO Improve is a “boutique consultancy” dedicated to a more powerful product creation, focused on larger medium-sized companies.
  • CO Improve combines consulting competency and industry experience with professional change management to implement improvements effectively and sustainably.