Corporate Culture

Common values such as trust, mutual esteem and fairness and commitment make up our corporate culture and form the foundation of our work – both in the way we deal with each other and with our clients.

Our values: trust – esteem – fairness – commitment

Here at CO Improve, we do not define ourselves solely in terms of our consultancy services: Our self-image is based very much on mutually shared values – trust, mutual esteem, fairness, commitment but also integrity and openness. These make up our corporate culture and are the basis of our work.

Our values provide a reliable guideline, especially when we have to make difficult decisions – both within our company and in consulting projects. For us, the focus is always on the individual, whether that is a client, a colleague or a business partner.

The basis of our work is a distinct culture of trust. Mutual trust inspires people to achieve excellent performance: it creates space for knowledge sharing, promotes creativity and helps a team work together quickly, efficiently and inclusively.

An appreciative and respectful manner – with each other and with our clients – is a matter of course for us. Every individual has characteristics, personal preferences and individual strengths. These are the foundation of authentic action. This is why, for us, a team’s diversity in particular is a strength that should be leveraged. No one needs to "play" a role. On the contrary: We celebrate individuality – that of our employees as well as our clients.

We focus on the individual

  • Values shape our culture, form the basis of our work and provide direction when we must make difficult decisions.
  • We always focus on the individual – whether a client, colleague or business partner.
  • A distinct culture of trust forms the foundation of our work.
  • We value authentic action and celebrate individuality.