Improve Yourself – with Us

You focus on meaningful work. Appreciation, mutual esteem and trust are the foundations of your value system. You want to develop your potential as an individual within a team instead of following beaten career paths. Non-hierarchical cooperation among equals and flexible roles are more important to you than job titles. You prefer a rapid decision-making process and direct contact with company management.

We are a consultancy unlike other consultancies! Are you a consultant who is unlike other consultants?

YOU make the difference

Regardless of whether you are an experienced consultant, a career changer or a young professional: You tap your full potential as a recognized and valued member of our team. You generate and share knowledge. You develop and apply new consulting approaches. You profit from the experience of your colleagues. You enjoy trust and freedom. You are engaged and self-dependent. You have fun and are fully committed to your projects. You strengthen our culture.

You take responsibility for costumer projects. You work with and for the customer, meeting them at their level. You convince and motivate managers and employees. Sustainable success is important to you. You transform concerned parties into participants and eventually into advocates. You empower people. You are satisfied with your work if your customer doesn’t need you any longer.

You continue to develop. You learn every day. Your work increases the reputation of our company and makes it more competitive. You contribute to growth and corporate success.

Recruiting and onboarding

Experience our culture first hand: We combine the practical challenges of a case study, relaxed conversations with future colleagues and detailed feedback. This provides an opportunity to get to know one another closely and meet at the same level, giving us an insight into your personality and consulting competence. Our rule is: Cultural fit is just as important as subject matter expertise.

Our onboarding program ensures you get to know all your new colleagues. We systematically introduce you into our competence fields, our marketing activities and our business processes.

Unlike other consultants

  • You develop your potential as an individual in a strong team.
  • You enjoy mutual esteem and trust – even without hierarchy and titles.
  • You put your heart into being a good service provider.
  • You put people in the center and achieve long-term success.
  • You have a share in growth and business success.