Service Portfolio

We provide the following services: maturity model-based assessments, bespoke improvement projects and innovative interim management for project manager or line functions.

Our consulting services: assessment, improvement, management

We are tuned to your requirements and offer our services or projects in three forms:


You are wondering where your company stands, what performance potential there is, what solution modules you should implement next and how you should go about it. For this, our maturity model-based holistic Quick Checks or In-Depth Assessments are the right choice for you.


You have already identified one or more fields of action and now want to prepare and implement an individual solution concept. To achieve this, we support you in the context of an Improvement Project.


You require an interim management for a project management or line function. You want to achieve operational successes quickly, but at the same time acquaint yourself with new approaches, implement them locally and roll them out later on. Engage one of our consultants to support you as an interim manager.

Consulting Service

Three project types for bespoke consulting

We offer you three consulting services: assessment, improvement, management.

  • To explore improvement potential, our Quick Checks or In-Depth Assessments are the right choice.
  • To derive and implement an individual solution concept in a defined field of action, Improvement Projects are just what you need.
  • To quickly achieve operational success and become acquainted with new solution approaches, Interim Management is the answer for you.