Smart Development Assessment for an Agricultural Technology Manufacturer

Developing more products at the same time and on schedule – that was the aim of our client, an international agricultural technology manufacturer.

The company

Our client develops, produces and markets intelligent solutions in the off-highway sector and has R&D locations in seven countries.

The challenge

The company wanted to verifiably increase its R&D efficiency, with the goal of developing more products at the same time and on schedule.

The approach

For our client, we conducted two Smart Development Assessments to identify improvements, which were then implemented over a period of seven years. The first Assessment took four weeks. The subsequent implementation period lasted three years. The second Assessment took six weeks plus an implementation period of two years.

In one holistic Smart Development Assessment, we determined the implementation level of all practices, identified potential for improvement and developed an improvement program. Later, we supported our client in implementing the improvement program, including:

  • Conducting the Smart Development Assessment
  • Introducing powerful project management
  • Introducing a cross-functional product creation process
  • Introducing a pre-development process
  • Global roll-out of project management and product creation process
  • Introducing a product line structure
  • An additional Smart Development Assessment
  • Structuring the global R&D network

Bottom line – the benefits

  • Increase of the mean capability level by 50 percent
  • Reduction of the R&D expense ratio by 30 percent
  • 50 percent increase in revenue
  • Improved R&D quality
  • Improved adherence to schedules