Innovation Workshops for an Industrial and Automotive supplier

Innovation is a significant competitive advantage – both for individual sites and the company as a whole. Our client was looking for an innovation offensive to make its business unit in Germany more attractive.

The company

Our client is a leading supplier of products, customized system solutions and services in the mechanical engineering sector with more than 120 locations worldwide.

The challenge

The project’s objective was to launch an innovation offensive to make the business unit in Germany more attractive.

The approach

During the project, we created an idea generation process that is now applied annually and optimized continuously. It begins with selecting and describing interesting search fields. To generate ideas in the respective search fields, suitable creativity approaches are selected. Next, cross-functional teams across the organization work out and preselect ideas. The most promising ideas are developed further and connected to a business case. All project teams present their ideas to potential sponsors, who select the best ideas for implementation.

The client’s goal of selecting and implementing three top innovation ideas annually has been achieved every year so far. One further benefit is an improved innovation culture and increased cross-organizational collaboration.

Bottom line – the benefits

  • Every year, the company selects three ideas for innovation and implements these in the German organization.
  • These innovations help secure the future of the location.