Our Team

Dr. Nicolas Vortmeyer

„The best way to predict the future is to shape it."

(borrowed from Abraham Lincoln)

Nicolas's strength is the business development through product innovation - from the complete transformation of a global group development organization to the technical conception of a start-up, from technical project management to process development. He supports companies as project manager, expert with special tasks in the team, manager and agile coach.

Nicolas knows the relevant roles and perspectives: Board of Directors (CTO), Managing Director, Project Manager, Development and Marketing Manager, Developer, Unwinder. Customers benefit from strong communication at all levels, integral solution development, change management and the integration of technology and innovation with business and business figures.

During intensive yoga sessions and meditation, Nicolas gains stamina and calm in order to reliably achieve the promised goals in complex, time-critical and challenging projects. As a passionate musician (piano, bass, percussion) he is responsible for the rhythm and accompaniment in various teams and projects. He prepares the foundation for all players to realize their full potential. He is always on the lookout for new challenges and has learned that creativity only leads to real solutions when accompanied by detailed analyses, thorough planning and a well-structured environment.


Global R&D/Technology Management
Business Development and Strategy
Agile Transformation
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation Data Analytics and Workflow Management
Project Management
Marketing and Product Management
Association Work and Public Private Partnerships
Interim Management

Futher education

PHD Aerospace Engineering
Dipl.-Ing. Engineering
MBA Engineering Business Administration
Certified SAFe 5 Release Train Engineer (RTE)
Certified SAFe 5.0 Program Consultant (SPC)
Applied SAFe Training
Certified Yoga Instructor

Industrial Career

Siemens AG
CTO Siemens Energy Generation, Oil & Gas
Responsibility for Global PLM, R&D
Engineering and Product/Technology
Chief Advisor to the Board of Management
CEO New Technologies
Head of Marketing and Product Management
Head of Strategic Innovation Projects
President of the European Association for Gas and Steam Turbines (Brussels)

Industry Experience

Power Generation and Plant Construction
Turbo Machinery, Rotating Equipment
Industry and Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Trucks, Agricultural Engineering
Process Engineering and Plant Engineering
Fuel Cells Energy
Energy Storage, Automation & Control Technology, Oil and Gas
Test and Measurement Technology