12. Januar 2021

Creating challenges together

After a particularly challenging year, we here at CO Improve wish you, your families and friends, and your staff the best of health and success that 2021 can bring. There have been (and continue to be) enormous constraints and stresses affecting both our professional and private lives. But now we look forward with hope and a sense of confidence to what lies ahead. Motivated by the challenges that arise, many new things have materialised. For example, the way of working together within a company, as well as across company boundaries.

Sometimes, however, it is about the basics, i.e. seeing the plight of others. That is why we decided not to send greeting cards and presents last Christmas or at the turn of the year. Instead, together with you – our customers and suppliers – we want to provide real help where the pandemic has affected the weakest in our society. Our donation will to the “Future for Children” Schönebeck Foundation, an initiative through which we support a project in Nepal. Together with you, we are making it possible for many children to experience a bit of confidence and joy.

Perhaps this idea will also inspire you to think of those for whom being in lockdown translates directly into poverty?