LEGO-Workshop (Scaled SCRUM)

In our workshop, you will learn about Scaled Scrum – in the development of a remote-controlled LEGO-eCar in a team of teams.

Impressions from our LEGO workshop


The decision to use Scrum in complex hardware projects is often preceded by an elaborate opinion-forming process in the company. As a rule, those in the know “proselytise” until majorities are won for the decision. This decision is then usually based on a fragmentary aggregation of different knowledge about Scrum and not on personal experience with the method in working practice. The power of persuasion for a broader use of Scrum is, therefore, often insufficient. This means that the agile approach is only used belatedly (or not at all) and valuable potential is wasted.

Simple solution approach

Within 4 hours, our workshop format generates essential Scrum experience knowledge about product development in a team of teams. Prior knowledge is not required. Participants experience the benefits of the method and are able to transfer what they have learned to real situations in their work environment.

Convincing benefits

The format is suitable both as an instrument for forming opinions in management and for the basic qualification of project teams before introducing agile methods. Between 12 and 27 participants can be qualified simultaneously within 4 hours. The format can be used regardless of the participants’ age, level of knowledge and social or cultural background. Great fun is guaranteed!

Here you can download a detailed description and the schedule of the Lego Workshop as a PDF document.

Fancy some practical experience?

  • If you’ve always wanted to try out what Scrum can do for you, our workshop is just right for you.
  • We would be happy to adapt the format for your purposes, advise you on sensible areas of application for Scrum in unscaled or scaled form, in the selection of suitable frameworks or accompany you in your decision-making process.
  • Take the plunge and tap into new potential for your company.