Kanban, in combination with Shopfloor Management, brings flow back into R&D. Central elements of this agile method include: Leading at the point of value creation, pull principle, transparent task control on Kanban boards and a consistent work-in-progress (WIP) limit that prevents multitasking. This ensures greater transparency, faster decisions, shorter lead times and fewer queues. We help you adapt Kanban to your requirements.

Bringing managers back to the point of value creation

R&D leaders now spend much of their time in meetings and doing administrative tasks. They are expected to steer development but lack the oversight to do so. As a result, the work done by the teams suffers – the workload fluctuates, priorities remain unclear, multitasking is the order of the day, decisions are delayed, waiting times arise. The development organisation literally “clogs up”.

Kanban, in combination with Shopfloor Management, solves this bottleneck. A central building block here: Kanban boards and daily stand-ups that make it clearly visible what the teams are currently working on and where there are problems – flanked by KPIs, progress overviews and boards for continuous improvement processes. This gives you a holistic view. Everyone involved benefits from enhanced transparency and faster decisions – both the managers and the R&D teams.

A crucial principle is the strict limitation of parallel tasks through the WIP limit, the completion of tasks once started and the pull principle. This prevents harmful multitasking and eliminates the associated mental set-up time. The result is a significant improvement in efficiency and lead time.

Kanban lends itself to task control in the line organisation of a multi-project management environment. The classic project management organisation remains in place. The steering of daily project tasks, as well as product maintenance and other tasks in the line organisation, is carried out via Kanban boards. Adjustments to the product development process or the project management system are not necessary.

Here you can find our newsletter (GER) as a PDF on the topic of Shopfloor Management.


The benefit to you

  • Kanban is suitable in a multi-project environment as an agile method for task control in the line organisation.
  • Clear task prioritisation ensures that employees always know what they are supposed to be working on.
  • Kanban boards create a high level of transparency for everyone.
  • WIP limits reduce harmful multitasking and the associated mental set-up time.
  • Managers once again control their teams in daily stand-ups effectively at the point of value creation.
  • The pull principle prevents clogging.