R&D Functional Strategy for a Medical Technology Manufacturer

Functional strategy is derived from the business strategy. It defines how R&D contributes to the achievement of the given objectives. Our client in the medical technology sector wanted to develop this strategy together with us.

The company

Our client develops, produces and markets system solutions, equipment and services for the field of critical care.

The challenge

The objective of the project was to derive a pioneering R&D functional strategy.

The approach

The project was carried out in weekly workshops over a period of three months.

The resulting R&D functional strategy included the following points:

  • Core orientation, guiding principles, values
  • Trends and challenges
  • Core competencies
  • Future product portfolio
  • Platform and modules
  • Innovation and technology
  • Intellectual property
  • Global R&D network
  • Strategic partners
  • Standards and lobbying
  • Global R&D scorecard

The projects resulted in a clear, strategic orientation of the R&D department.

Bottom line – the benefits

  • Functional strategy is connected to business strategy.
  • R&D now has a strategic orientation.