Our Team

Deborah Brattig
Junior Consultant

„This is the time, this is the place,

so, we look for the future. (borrowed from Disturbed)"

Deborah is our technical Swiss Army knife. She completed her Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with distinction and, as a Product Owner for IoT, gained a lot of experience with the specifics of component development at the interface between hardware, electronics and software. Deborah has laid the foundations for and helped build an IoT ecosystem for intralogistics. She also brings valuable agile experience to the table.

Deborah's clients benefit from her agile mindset, with which she approaches projects with energy and goal orientation. As an empathetic personality with strong communication skills, she quickly understands her clients' needs and is experienced in dealing with complex political situations. Her creativity as a generalist enables her to develop versatile solutions and find tailor-made answers to challenges.

Deborah is known for being very dedicated to her tasks. She always strives to do her best and achieve optimal results. In addition to her technical affinity in the theoretical field, she has a keen interest in the restoration and repair of vehicles, be it the repair of cylinder heads, the renewal of axles or the replacement of clutches. In her spare time, Deborah enjoys concerts and festivals as a true "metalhead" and shares her enthusiasm with the characteristic sign of the horns. She also tries her hand at the odd guitar riff herself.


Agile project management
Product development process
Product development


Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc)


Product Owner IoT
Bode. The Door
Master student development welding design
Federal Mogul
Bachelor student Concept Development Sealing Technology
Audi AG
Trainee product planning