Our Team

Dr. Bernd Oehme
Senior Consultant

"If you're in a hurry,

*go slowly (at the beginning)." (Borrowed from L. Seiwert).

Bernd has almost 30 years of experience in medical technology, particularly in research and development (R&D). From project manager to department head, Bernd has been responsible for numerous development and transformation projects and completed a part-time PhD in electrical engineering. During this time, he has not only gained a deep technical understanding of physical and complex medical devices, but also extensive experience with the regulatory requirements and standards of this industry. Bernd thinks beyond development processes and departmental boundaries and has extensive knowledge of production requirements, group dynamics and intercultural co-operation.

Bernd is an experienced leader whose heart beats for encouraging and supporting people and groups and moving forward together. Customers particularly appreciate Bernd's open and appreciative manner, which helps them to analyse technical and organisational problems, reduce complexity and find new perspectives. He has the ability to successfully move heterogeneous groups forward and exude calm in turbulent situations. In addition to his passion for mechatronics, Bernd is convinced of the importance of systems theory, agility and corporate culture, even in supposedly rational environments.

Bernd is a very curious person with a thirst for knowledge, who can be found in his free time travelling, in exciting restaurants, on a yoga mat, in the cockpit of a propeller plane or relaxing on the couch with his wife and two cats.


Project management in medical technology
Agile development of medical devices
Product strategy
Process optimisation and change management R&D
Product development process


Dipl. Ing. Electrical Engineering / Mechatronics
Dr.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering
Certified Scrum Master
Agile Leadership Campus
Train the Trainer


Siemens AG
Sirona Dental Systems
Dentsply Sirona

Senior Project Manager
Head of R&D Department
Process Manager PDP
Organisational Development


Medical technology
Manufacturing industry