Smart Development News 3/2021

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Welcome to the current and last CO Improve newsletter for 2021!

A year with many moving moments is coming to an end. We hope her personal and professional journey has had many highs, beautiful moments and successes over the past twelve months. And above all, that you and your family will start the new year in good health.

There are still a few days to go until Christmas, but we would like to give you a gift today: With valuable tips and useful suggestions packed in user stories and success stories.
In our first package, we have put together tips on how to strengthen your global development network.

Do you want to increase the performance of your product development and get an additional boost? How to reconcile employee needs with your own business goals. You will get insights into the design of a high-performance project organization in our second package.

You can look forward to exciting topics and first-class speakers at our Agile@Hardware in summer 2022. For two days, we will not only offer you exclusive networking opportunities in the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt, but will also provide you with exciting impulses and practical reports from other companies in keynotes.

If time and space are an essential factor, it's not just about getting Christmas presents. Exact timing is crucial, especially in successful vehicle production. We'll tell you how a German sports car manufacturer mastered a highly complex challenge using agile methods.

Nice presents: How resilient are SMEs to crises? Many companies took part in our survey. Be the first to read the interview results from the CO Improve Study 2020/21.

We hope you enjoy unwrapping our pre-Christmas gifts and enjoy reading.

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Important tips to strengthen global development networks

Success factors for international development teams

Newsletter 3-2021 Fig. 1

Successful companies nowadays have an international development organization. This global footprint offers numerous advantages. However, it often leads to overlapping competencies and responsibilities of the globally branched R&D units. In an article in KONSTRUKTIONSPRAXIS, we give you valuable tips on how to increase quality and efficiency.

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Designing project organization

A medium-sized high-tech company is reorganizing its development

Newsletter 3-2021 Fig. 2

Immerse yourself with us in a very exciting project: the design of a high-performance project organization. We will take you with us and give you insights into our joint work at a medium-sized high-tech company.

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Agile methods are revolutionizing vehicle construction

Successful implementation in the ongoing production process

Newsletter 3-2021 Fig. 3

Every step is meticulously timed, every movement in a confined space has to be perfect – in vehicle production, precision and efficiency determine success on the assembly line. Introducing changes here is undeniably a highly complex challenge that a major German vehicle manufacturer has taken on. Necessary work steps have been integrated during ongoing production. The decisive factor for the successful implementation was an agile project. You can read all about this in an article in the VDI magazine.

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CO Improve Study

Learnings from the crisis

Newsletter 3-2021 Fig. 4

What impact has the pandemic had on SMEs in Germany? Together with a number of companies from various industries, we have analysed how the crisis has affected them, how they are dealing with it and what lessons they are learning for the future. Be the first to read the results of our study.

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Agile@Hardware 2022

Networking, workshops and field reports
around the topic of agility in industrial companies

Newsletter 3-2021 Fig. 5

With great attention to detail, we are planning our fourth edition of the Agile@Hardware in the classical city of Frankfurt for you. Due to the current pandemic situation, we have decided to postpone our conference for agile transformation in classic industrial companies to the summer. This is to ensure that a face-to-face meeting is possible without any major risk. But we can already tell you one thing: We have once again been able to win renowned speakers from prominent companies who will provide you with important impulses in lectures, case studies and workshops.

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