Smart Development News 2/2022

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Rising energy costs, declining growth forecasts, still-disrupted supply chains and disintegrating business models keep managers on their toes. Increasing resilience and performance are important areas of action for business leaders.

What contributions can those responsible for R&D and product development make? We would like to give you some suggestions in this newsletter and wish you an inspiring read.

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Strategic adaptability

Define your core competencies and rethink your strategy. From the inside out. In doing so, you make an important contribution to increasing the resilience of your company.

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Resilient organisations know their core competencies very well and can thus significantly expand the space of alternative future scenarios. They not only develop environment and strategy scenarios from the perspective of the outside in, but also from the inside out. You have thus thought ahead to further options for action and can react even faster and more effectively to a changed business environment. If previous business areas break away, they turn to new business areas in which they can quickly generate competitive advantages again with their unique core competences.

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Smart Development Performance Booster

Take the next big leap in the performance and efficiency of your product creation

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Product creation is a central performance process of every industrial company that contributes significantly to securing the future and competitiveness. Reason enough to regularly check and increase performance and efficiency. Of course, selective improvements are carried out continuously. But sometimes a greater leap forward is required. With our Smart Development Performance Boost Programme, we support you in this.

The programme is holistic and encompasses strategy, processes and organisational structure. It is interdisciplinary from the involvement of product management, development, purchasing, industrial engineering to sales and customer service. And it includes a maturity-based analysis of the initial situation, but also the definition and planning of target-oriented improvement initiatives. Of course, we also support you in the implementation afterwards.

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Change management

Efficient change management is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor in times of increasing cost pressure and failing suppliers.

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Product creation today is subject to ever-increasing complexity. Markets, products and technologies are just as decisive as the increasing pressure on costs and profitability. Do you also often take more risks in the product development process than before? In order to survive in this challenging environment, we have put together something for you. This way you can ensure that all change requests are fed into an orderly process and that decisions are made cross-functionally, quickly and on the basis of comprehensible criteria.

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Agile@Hardware 2022

Agile working methods are indispensable in an environment characterised by increasing uncertainty, high speed of change and growing complexity.

Bild Newsletter Agile@Hardware 2022

The participants of this year's Agile@Hardware conference in June in the Klassikstadt Frankfurt also came to this conclusion. A very successful two-day event with many exciting and valuable impulses and keynotes about the agile development of physical products and the transformation to an agile industrial company. A big thank you goes to all our speakers and participants who made this exclusive event such a success. We have compiled the best impressions with films and photos for you.

Guilds in agile teams

With the formation of guilds, your development team always has the project in scope and also the technical focus is not lost

Bild Newsletter Gilden in agilen Teams

A consistent implementation of agile working includes that Scrum teams work co-located - i.e. in a shared space. In the development of mechatronic products, this means that specialists are removed from their specialist groups to sit with their project team members. The decisive success factor: the common project focus. But the exchange within a specialist discipline becomes more difficult. We give you a solution so that your team can focus not only on the project focus but also on the specialist focus.

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