Smart Development News 2/2021

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As the days get shorter and the light gets darker, you need bright spotlights and refreshing inspiration. And that's exactly what we've put together for you.

Our first big bright spot: Read a great E-Mobility success story from Germany. How an automotive company used agile working to drive the development of electric vehicles and successfully brought them to the finish line.

Even though digital tools for networking have more than established themselves and bring many advantages, the personal exchange together at an event has been missing in recent months. That is why you are looking ahead with us, because we are planning our AGILE@HARDWARE 2022 "live" again with a lot of heart and soul, exciting topics and exceptional speakers.

Goals are important and your teams need them Goals for orientation. We have prepared for you how you can significantly increase the commitment of your teams and the "burning for the cause".

Finally, we would like to recommend a Quick Check, which can uncover additional potential in your company at little cost to you in terms of time and money.

For now, we wish you many inspiring and bright moments while reading our autumn highlights.

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Agile working in the development of electric vehicles

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Agile working methods unfold their unique potential with increasing complexity and are used precisely where classic project management reaches its limits.

But does such a method also lend itself to a German premium manufacturer entering new technological territory with a completely new electric vehicle architecture? Yes, and precisely then!

Read how the global corporation successfully transformed the multidimensional pressure of "rethinking the electric car", shortened development time and tough competition into positive energy together with CO Improve in our special issue of Industrial Production.

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Agile@Hardware 2022 in the Klassikstadt Frankfurt

Bild Newsletter 2_2021 Agile@Hardware

Agile transformation in traditional industry and agile development of complex mechatronic products - we provide you with the key topics!

Whether you have just started an agile pilot with your company, are gaining initial experience with scaling frameworks or are already in the process of redesigning your organisational structure - at our extraordinary event format AGILE@HARDWARE 2022 you will receive important impulses to stay ahead of the game in agile transformation and the agile development of mechatronic products.

In addition, an exclusive exchange of experiences with executives and practitioners as well as valuable best practice examples from other companies await you.

Register today for 27/28 June 2022.

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There we have the SCRUMtrouble

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If you have already gained experience with agile pilot projects in your company, then you are probably already familiar with some of the stumbling blocks and also the great advantages of agile teams.

Have you already experienced the power of goals? They can give teams extraordinary wings and spur them on to top performance! Do you also want your team to "burn for the cause" and show full commitment - without external pressure?

You are only one click away from our food for thought.

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How to uncover optimisation potential with Quick Checks

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Have you already successfully implemented several improvements in your product development over the past few years? Do you still have the feeling that there is room for improvement? Have you already thought about a broader potential analysis?

External experts can often very quickly identify where things can be improved structurally-process-wise or in the cooperation of the development teams. Often it is only small things that can further boost development success.

The secret of our Quick Checks: No additional effort for your company as well as a minimal time and financial commitment.

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