Smart Development News 1/2021

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In view of the current Corona situation and the terrible events in Ukraine, it is not easy for us to go back to everyday life. On the other hand, it makes sense right now to stabilize and strengthen the performance of our companies in order to be able to successfully meet the current humanitarian and financial challenges. Product development plays an important role in this.

And this is exactly where our current topics come in: New challenges and solutions for your product development process. The increasing product complexity, modularization, digitalization, the continuously increasing proportion of software and the establishment of agile working methods require a further development of the existing processes. We'll show you how it's done.

Bring more transparency to the utilization and efficiency of your teams! Learn from a global player how you can use Kanban & Shopfloor Management as a first step to increase the way you work and, as a result, the performance and motivation of your teams.

Look forward to a unique event in Frankfurt this summer – our Agile@Hardware with renowned key players from agile industrial companies. You will have priceless experience and practical solutions in your luggage, which we will present to you over two days in high-class case studies, tutorials and workshops.

And last but not least, we have a review for you of 10 years of CO Improve.

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Update for your PDP

Is your product development process still up-to-date?

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How is your product development process doing? The head of quality management reports that he was expressly praised by the certification auditor a few weeks ago. Then everything is great! Or? How do your employees in the electronics or software sector see this? Do they consider the PEP to be a relic from the days of pure mechanical development? Let's take a look at where your PEP has gathered dust. A spring cleaning fits in with the season.

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Kanban in the automotive industry

How agile working methods help optimize department management

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Large companies often find it difficult to manage their numerous departments and the large number of teams. When it comes to the workload or efficiency of individual teams, corporations often lack transparency or valid key figures for conclusions. Learn how a vehicle manufacturer successfully transformed the way more than 100 teams worked in multiple waves with Kanban boards and shop floor management.

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After AGIL, this is the way to go!

Our event for the agile development of physical products and the transformation to an agile industrial company

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Discussing current challenges with executives from renowned companies in an inspiring atmosphere, receiving first-hand experience reports and practical solutions from key players from agile industrial companies – that's what our event stands Agile@Hardware. In Frankfurt, we will offer you an exchange on the state of agile transformation in companies developing physical mechatronic products – in exciting keynotes and sessions with a mix of case studies, tutorials and workshops.

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10 years of CO Improve

We look back and take you with us

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On the occasion of this anniversary, we would like to invite you to a picture journey. Take a look back with us at extraordinary events, get exclusive insights into our team and get to know us far away from technical, industry and change expertise.

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