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When is the best time to think about new projects in your own company, well rested and with a fresh mind? During the summer break! We would like to give you some suggestions.

Let yourself be inspired by an agile success story and read the report from the practice of an agricultural machinery development.

Are you currently asking yourself how you can make collaboration with your team efficient and still personal even in the home office? Get to know a helpful method.

And if you need a comprehensive assessment of where you stand and want to take a big step towards improvement, a Smart Development Assessment might be the right thing for you.

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Scrum success story at agricultural machinery manufacturer

Mit SCRUM schneller zum Ziel

Agile working is not a panacea. But especially in the development of complex products, it is an approach that is definitely superior to classic project management.

For example, a large agricultural machinery manufacturer successfully completed an ambitious product development project with Scrum. That's not possible with physical products. You bet it does!

Read the whole success story in [ME] - the magazine for mechatronics & engineering.

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Collaboration from the home office

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Your employees work independently and self-organised. The interaction between employees and managers is right. Working from the home office brings with it some new challenges so that you can continue to lead your teams successfully in day-to-day business.

Here, the introduction of Kanban can be a sensible next step. You establish regular and efficient team communication, create transparency on the status of tasks and manage new tasks according to their priority. In this way, they improve the effectiveness and flow in their teams.

And why not talk about personal experiences 15 minutes before the Daily and find out what moves your team members. This way you create a substitute for missing informal conversations in the company. Give it a try. It works!

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Smart Development Assessment

Maturity Model

Every now and then, continuous small improvements are no longer enough and it is time to take a bigger step towards improvement. We have developed a holistic maturity model for product development.

It helps you to determine where you stand and to initiate the next improvement initiatives, no matter what maturity level your company has already reached.

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Congratulations Lea, Andreas and Gunther

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We are continuously expanding our competences in order to be able to support you even better in your consulting projects. In the past six months, the focus was on agile scaling and agile leadership.

We at CO Improve are very proud of Lea Müller-Rossow's SAFe 5 Program Consultant certification and congratulate Andreas Grohmann and Gunther Reibe on their successful qualification as Leadership Agility Coach.

Now we can additionally accompany leaders in the context of agile transformation projects with a professional 360° feedback process in the development of their agile leadership competence. First clients have already used it.

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