30. März 2021

Automotive supplier drives agile transformation forward

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A leading automotive safety systems company wants to better respond to increased volatility in product development by resuming agile transformation.

After deciding on CO Improve, intensive work was done with senior management to gain clarity on agile mindset and the associated leadership culture. A higher-level transformation team was then set up, which prepared the selection of the agile pilots and took over the removal of any obstacles that arose along the way.

During the accompaniment by CO Improve, the transformation team developed results in an agile manner, approved them by the stakeholders and implemented them. After the transformation support was completed, CO Improve assumed the role of Scrum Master of a product development project with a focus on technical and behavioral coaching of all project team members. This increased transparency and improved the handling of recurring requirement changes, which CO Improve enabled through input from years of experience in agile work in the automotive sector together with customer experts.