25. Januar 2024

Agile pilot projects at construction machinery manufacturer

What to do when several construction machinery projects are faced with three new challenges at the same time? Battery-electric drive, dramatically shortened time-to-market and collaboration with previously unknown development service providers and system suppliers? The company decides to carry out all projects in an agile manner.

With our experience in the agile development of cars, lorries, agricultural and construction machinery, CO-Improve is able to set up and support these four projects as agile pilot projects. This process is also agile, iterative and, above all, pragmatic:

  • We form a powerful agile core team and find ways to integrate members of an extended team or individual specialists appropriately
  • We find a sprint length as a compromise between the expected speed of change and the ability to deliver meaningful product increments
  • We design a product backlog that is orientated towards an assembly rather than a functional structure and also contains the delivery results defined in the product development process
  • We embed the sprints in longer-term stage planning
  • ...

We look forward to telling you more about the solutions and successes we have found here soon