01. September 2023

New employees and new competences

CO Improve continues to grow: With Hans-Peter Neu we have a new senior consultant in the team and with Deborah Brattig a new junior consultant. In addition to the great new people in our midst, we are also happy about the new competences and skills that both of them bring with them. We would like to briefly introduce the "newcomers" to you today.

Deborah is extremely versatile, competent and has a sound technical knowledge and understanding of complex systems through her Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (with distinction). Her experience as a product owner for IoT makes her an expert in developing components at the interface between hardware, electronics and software. In addition, Deborah has gained valuable agile experience. She is able to plan and implement projects efficiently using agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban. Her ability to react quickly to changes and remain flexible is a great advantage in our customer projects.

Hans-Peter has extensive knowledge in component development, which he has gained not only in national but also international projects. As Key Account Manager for Passive Safety Components, he was responsible for the sales of safety components such as airbags, belt systems and steering wheels. In doing so, he was able to further deepen his knowledge in the vehicle integration of safety-relevant components. He has particular expertise in the modularisation of interior and exterior components by means of variant management and in the reduction of complexity and production costs. Hans-Peter is solution- and goal-oriented and has the necessary flexibility, assertiveness and excellent communication skills.