07. Juni 2022

Everything in view with an app

Unsere Agile@Hardware App

At our AGILE@HARDWARE Conference we give our participants all the important information about the event directly to their fingertips - or rather to their smartphone or tablet: with our event app from Eventool. This way, conference participants can find out details about the programme at the touch of a finger, watch videos and short presentations by our speakers, see the rooms for workshops and impulses, download documents, get in touch with other participants, register for presentations or take part in online voting.

And all this not only for the event on 27-28 June in the Klassikstadt Frankfurt. This week, our participants can already click their way in detail to the exclusive event on the agile development of physical products and the transformation to an agile industrial company. Are you also taking part?

You can find all the info on our Agile@Hardware landing page.