Agile Project Management with Scrum

Agile methods help companies tackle rapidly changing client and market requirements and increasing product complexity – also in R&D. These were exactly the challenges our client wanted to master.

The company

Our client is a successful innovator in the industrial, banking, service and energy automation sectors. We worked with a business unit that dealt with industrial automation.

The challenge

In this project, the company wanted to increase its R&D efficiency and reduce R&D costs.

The approach

We were able to support our client with efficiency and focus during implementation of the recommended solutions. We identified three key activities after a brief analysis:

  • Re-organization of product management
    ­ - Clarifying the process and the roles for project prioritization
    ­ - Optimizing the current project portfolio to provide a new starting point
  • Agile project management
    ­ - Training staff in the Scrum method
    ­ - Improving risk planning and mitigation
    ­ - Rearranging requirements management and reuse of requirements
    ­ - Expanding test automation
    ­ - Coaching a pilot project during Scrum implementation
  • Optimizing product and service portfolio
    ­ - Developing the product strategy
    ­ - Introducing a rolling roadmap process
Bottom line – the benefits
  • The company has increased its R&D efficiency and implemented the prerequisites for reducing R&D costs as planned.
  • Elimination of waste caused by continuously changing the project priorities
  • Increased R&D efficiency using agile project management
  • Improved employee motivation by creating success experiences