Project Management

To apply processes intelligently and manage scarce resources effectively, you need professional project management – on both single- and multi-project level. Project teams are the smallest entrepreneurial units of your enterprise.

Professional project management for effective process application

Professional project management is the prerequisite for efficiently applying cross-functional processes and properly managing scarce resources:

Multi-project management

Monitor project dependencies and generate an optimal project sequence using multi-project capacity management.

Project management processes

Project management processes regulate project requests and approvals, project launches, project planning and control, as well as successful completion for different types and classes of projects.

Project management organization

Provide all necessary roles and capacities to apply project management processes: portfolio committees, steering committees, full-time project managers, cross-functional project teams, project offices.

Project management methods and tools

These methods and tools will support the processes with efficient planning, monitoring and control methods.

This is why you need professional project management
  • The efficient application of cross-functional processes for product creation requires professional project management
  • Project management as a professional discipline includes its own processes, organizational forms, methods and tools