The best strategy will fail if not implemented correctly. But for that you need the right processes. Therefore, we support you in designing and introducing the processes required for successful product creation.

Implementing strategies successfully

To successfully implement strategies, you need strategy-compliant, lean and efficient processes. In line with your mission statement and strategies, we work together with you to shape and implement the following processes:

Portfolio management

This process allows you to control project selection and resource allocation, ensuring the implementation of the product and technology strategy.

Idea generation

This process provides the product strategy process and portfolio management with new product ideas from defined search fields.

Technology development

Make relevant technologies available in time to implement required product functions.

Platform and module development

The platform and module development process defines product architectures that enable you to realize standardized modular product systems at optimal cost.

Advanced development

Take product ideas and realize them into functional performance, manufacturability and economic viability.

Product creation

The product creation process organizes the cross-functional cooperation: from the specification all the way to the launch of production.

Product maintenance

Ensure the competitiveness of your products in the market.


The right processes for your strategy

  • A 1:1 implementation of your strategy requires strategy-compliant, lean and powerful processes
  • We support you in designing all the core processes and subprocesses and deploying them in the process landscape of your company