Good management is based on strong principles – just like good consulting. But for us, it is not the academic discussion that is important, but improving your product development. Therefore, we feel dogmatism is out of place: We apply the best that various management schools offer.

Being practical in applying principles lets you develop further

Principles are important because they give managers and employees clear orientation. But academic discussions on fundamental principles of product development will not make you successful. We at CO Improve are practical people, not theorists: For us, your successful development is paramount.

The various approaches often differ mainly in terms of their point of view. They use different terms to describe identical or similar situations. There are thus overlaps, but also different focus areas. Therefore, we feel that principle dogmatism is out of place.

Nevertheless, it is expedient in certain cases to commit to just one school: if other divisions are already working according to these principles – "lean management" in production then results in "lean development" in R&D.


We utilize the best of what all the schools have to offer

We rely on a principle mix. In phrasing mission statements and with the practices we've developed in the competence fields strategy, processes and organization, we especially take into account the findings from:

  • Lean development
  • Agile development
  • Flow-oriented work organization

The basis for our consulting: a mix of principles from various schools

  • Different management schools formulate different principles
  • Choosing the right principles depends on the specific business situation
  • We work with principles from three schools