Our Maturity Model

Our maturity model is based on many years of consulting experience. It provides the foundation for our Smart Development Assessments – allowing us to quickly and comprehensively show the improvement potential of your product creation!

The map to a more powerful product creation

Our maturity model is the methodological basis of our Smart Development Assessments. That way, we can show you improvement potential and evolution paths quickly and comprehensively. The CO Improve model is aligned to the logic of CMMI but looks beyond the R&D department and processes: It encompasses all three competence areas – strategy, processes and organization.

The three fields are furthermore divided into areas; these, in turn, are subdivided into practices. We measure how well a company implements these practices, applying the finest level of detail using more than 2000 indicators.

Maturity Model

Why our own maturity model?

Why our own maturity model? CMMI and other maturity models focus on the R&D department and processes only. That's too specific. You can only increase your performance in product creation employing a cross-functional, holistic approach that also takes strategy and organization into account.

We determine your improvement potential in an assessment
  • Our maturity model encompasses all three competence areas (strategy, processes, organization)
  • The capabilities in the three competence areas are assessed in terms of practices implemented and results produced
  • Any lack of capabilities as well as improvement potential is pointed out
  • An assessment shows the maturity level of the product creation organization and its logical evolution path