Mission Statement

Internally, it provides direction. Externally, it communicates what your product creation organization stands for and what it achieves. Together with you, we develop or refine this image.

The mission statement: objectives, self-image, principles

A written mission statement, developed or refined together with you, describes the identity of your product creation organization. It consists of several elements:


The vision aligns how the managers and employees contributing to product development think and act to an objective that is as specific as possible.


On an abstract level, self-image describes the contribution that your product creation organization makes to satisfy customer needs and achieve business objectives.


The principles of product creation are the functional basis that shapes your various management practices. The elements of the mission statement ensure a uniform alignment in thought and action. This gives your managers and employees reliable orientation even in cases where there are no specific instructions for an action. Externally – toward the public, the customers or other business divisions – the mission statement makes it clear what your product creation organization stands for and what contribution it makes for your customers and your business success.

We give orientation to your product creation
  • A mission statement describes the identity of a product creation organization
  • It consists of several elements: vision, self-image and principles
  • It serves to boost motivation and acts as an impetus to action
  • It documents the contribution of the product creation organization