Meet peers. Extend your knowledge. Profit from your colleagues’ experience. Discuss current challenges.

Our new conference AGILE@HARDWARE (November 13-14, 2017) offers insights into the state of agile transformation as well as a discussion platform, primarily for companies developing physical, mechatronic products.

The manufacturing industry has definitely arrived in the agile age: 80 percent of the companies we have surveyed – be it from the automotive, mechanical engineering or electronics sector – are gathering experience using Scrum in their product development. 50 percent use Kanban to organize their workload in projects or the development department. It’s time to exchange our learnings across all sectors and look into the future!

In several, simultaneous events like tutorials, case studies or workshops, you will learn everything about the practical application of agile methods: design thinking, Scrum and Kanban, LeSS or SAFe, enabling services & technologies, designing agile structures and cultures, as well as swarm organization and sociocracy. Between sessions, you will have time for conversation and networking.

We have picked a very special location for this conference: We will meet in ’Klassikstadt’, Frankfurt’s hub for automotive rarities.

Klassikstadt’s intricately restored and impressive brick building will offer a highly dynamic setting, featuring shops that specialize in servicing and restoring rare turn-of-the-century automobiles as well as modern sports cars. We will dive right in and meet inside a classic car exhibition – between cars from Mercedes, Lamborghini, Maserati and other sport and race car manufacturers.

Be a part of AGILE@HARDWARE and use this platform to meet wonderful people and attend an event that has a dynamic edge – just like our other events.

Attendance fee: € 990.00 (including VAT, without accommodation)

A detailed program will be available soon.

We are happy to receive your registration! Please contact Kathrin Dorn:

T +49 6196 96754-13
F +49 6196 96754-11