Workshops & training sessions

Training sessions and workshops accompany you permanently on your way to becoming a high-performance R&D organisation. Your employees spend a significant amount of time at such events, but the results are often not really sustainable. You already know that the interactive delivery of content based on proven success factors is the most efficient way to produce good results. This is necessary, in order to ensure that they remain in the memory of the participants in the long term. At CO Improve, we offer precisely such modern training, especially in the field of agility. We also design and run your workshops so that the participants achieve first-class results, while also enjoying plenty of fun.

Our guarantees of success for your workshops & training sessions

Training sessions should impart knowledge and experience to participants in a sustainable manner, which they can then best integrate directly into their everyday work and thereby develop further. Not only the quality of the content is decisive, but also factors such as joy and enthusiasm; this is because it has been proven that this is key to promoting learning.

Similar general conditions apply to workshops, with the difference that the knowledge content must first be developed. In addition to the factors mentioned above, creativity and “out-of-the-box thinking” must be encouraged.

In our workshops and training sessions, we, therefore, rely on the six sources of guaranteed success, which we have continuously developed over the years.


We use different media and striking visual diagrams with a high degree of clarity.


We focus on conveying the big picture, including the causal relationships and combined with content-rich practices, as well as tips from practice.


Knowledge is actively and interactively developed by the participants. We use different formats of individual work, two-person sparring and group work.


With a variety of practical exercises, we allow participants to gain some initial experience of typical work in a given role or practical context.


Q&A is absolutely central and shapes our training courses in the sense of a dialogue on the respective topic.


Specially developed for digital collaboration and implemented in straightforward tools, with the aim of actively involving every participant.

Our range of workshops & training sessions

We offer a variety of training courses on different topics, which we adapt individually to your project and company. In addition, we also develop customised workshops and training sessions for specific topics, such as requirements management or product development, as part of our consulting projects.

Agile training

Would you like to establish agile working practices – such as Scrum or Kanban – in your company? Do you want to set up an agile pilot project, deepen your agile knowledge, establish agile leadership or even make the whole company agile, for example, according to SAFe? Read all about it here: Shaping an agile transformation. We support you with suitable workshops and training sessions:

Lego Workshop (Scaled Scrum)

One particularly special experience is our Lego Workshop, where you get to know Scrum in several teams as part of a scaled framework. Within four hours, participants learn the agile basics in a practical way by developing a remote-controlled LEGO-eCar. They learn first-hand the advantages that characterise agile ways of working and scaling, and are able to transfer what they have experienced to real-life situations in their work environment.

Impressions LEGO-eCar-Workshop

Here, you can download a detailed description and the schedule of the Lego Workshop as a PDF document.

Can we help you?

If you are interested in (or have questions about) our training sessions and workshops, or would like specific advice on them, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will respond to your individual needs and special wishes, in order to make your training an extraordinary experience.

The benefit to you

  • We use different media in our workshops and training sessions to convey knowledge in a multi-sensory format.
  • We focus on actively acquiring knowledge, which is demonstrably more sustainable.
  • We tailor our training sessions specifically to your company and needs.
  • We generate pure enthusiasm with our training sessions thanks to the group experience.
  • We also design our online training sessions according to the same success factors.
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